Image showing Flinders photo collage

Photo collections.

Photo collections are a way to bring your photos to life, to tell your story and add life and warmth to your home. They are visual archives – heirlooms to pass down from one generation to the next. During your design consultation, we will help you build beautiful photo collections with the photos you love most from your session.

Each collection is designed with its destination in mind. In other words, rather than trying to fit wall art into your home, we design wall art specifically for the space it is intended. Our collections are named after famous coastal locations from across the globe – the Maldives, the Bahamas, the Côte d’Azur, the Whitsundays and the Hamptons.

Collage pieces, where multiple photographs are printed onto a single piece of material, are named after our favourite Victorian coastal resorts: Portsea, Sorrento, Lorne and Flinders*.

Your wall art is available in a choice of metal, acrylic or canvas*. During your consultation, we will discuss which material is best suited to your decorating style, other finishes in the room, and environmental factors. For example, a canvas collection may be suitable for a bedroom or living room but not a kitchen where it is subjected to airborne oil particles, or an al fresco room where there may be excessive heat or light.

*collage collections (Portsea, Lorne and Flinders) are available in metal or acrylic only.

The collections below, shown in virtual rooms, give a sense of how the collections will look in various room settings. They also demonstrate the different ways you can group photographs from a single photo shoot.

image showing photo collections
The ‘Maldives’ Collection is our ultimate collection. 5 stunning pieces to add life to your wall.


Image showing photo collections Whitsundays
The Whitsundays collection features two beautiful panoramics and two squares. Perfect for showcasing photos from your sunset beach shoot!


Image showing photo collections Hamptons
The Hamptons collections features one stunning panoramic plus three squares. Note that the photos used in this collection are the same as the previous, but have been grouped and cropped differently to suit a smaller space.


Image showing photo collections Cote d'Azur
Wall art in the study, to remind us of what really matters in our lives. this is our Cote d’Azur collection.


Image showing photo collections Cote d'Azur
Almost all of our collections can be re-oriented to fit your space. Here, our Cote d’Azur collection has been flipped so that the largest piece is on top. Notice that the coffee theme and the tones in the photo tie in with the kitchenette.


Image showing photo collections Maldives
The Maldives collection is ideal for a large wall and balances the sofa perfectly.


Image showing Bahamas collection
Hamptons Collection, shown here above a sofa.


Image showing photo collections 'Portsea' collage
The Portsea collage allows you to display 9 photographs in a single frame. It is the ideal size for above the fireplace.


Image showing photo collections 'Sorrento' collage
The Sorrento collage also fits this space beautifully.


Image showing photo collections 'Flinders' collage
The ‘Flinders’ collage is better suited to a long, narrow space. It can be oriented vertically as well as horizontally, as shown in this picture.