What to expect at a photo shoot.

Photo showing what to expect at a photo shootIt all starts with a phone call …

Before your photo shoot, our first contact will be over the phone. If it’s convenient, we may meet in person. We’ll talk about what you hope to get out of your photographic experience – who will be included in the photos, whether you’d prefer to have your shoot take place at home or some place that is special and meaningful to your family.

We’ll talk about what makes each person in your family unique (yes, this includes pets!), what special things you enjoy doing together, and those little details that you’d love to capture in a piece of art work. We’ll then have a chat about your home, and where you envisage displaying your beautiful art work once we have created it, and that way I’ll be able to give you an accurate and honest quote.

By the time we’re finished chatting, I can approach your actual photo shoot with confidence, knowing what you want me to capture and being able to visualise the end product that I am shooting for.

What happens during the photo shoot?

Because we’ve got to know each other beforehand, your photo shoot should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone. My favourite way to photograph children and teens is to chat to them and let their personalities shine through. We’ll talk about what makes them feel good, what they really don’t want to do, and any ideas they have. Teens in particular often know exactly how they’d like to be portrayed. With families and other groups I like to sit back and photograph the interaction between family members.

There’s no need to stress about time.

A photo shoot can last anywhere between half an hour and two hours, and is influenced by the number of family members involved, their ages, the location, and whether you want to switch locations during the session. I should be able to give you a time estimate based on our phone conversations.

I always allow plenty of leeway, and I don’t charge extra if a shoot runs over time, so there’s no need to worry if your child has other ideas about how he or she would rather spend their day, or if we need to break for snacks, nappy changes, feeds, cuddles and so on.

What should I wear?

Since this is the question I am most frequently asked, I have devoted a separate page to it. Click here to learn more.

The next stage: design consultation,

The design consultation is FUN! First, you’ll get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a slideshow of the best images from your photo shoot, and then we’ll go through them one by one to create gorgeous artwork for your home.

All purchases are finalised at the design consultation, so it’s important that all decision-makers are present.

With your order finalised, all you need to do is sit back and wait for delivery day! We also work with specialist installers if you need assistance installing your wall art.